Manhattan Christian School

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q   What is your tuition?
A    Please call the school regarding the cost of tuition.  We feel it is very important for you to come visit our campus and to experience our school environment in person.
Q   Do I have to pay all of my tuition up front?
A    No, we have various payment plans including quarterly and monthly payments. We will try to work out a payment plan that works for the family.
Q  Why are some of your textbooks secular?
A    First of all, we are called by God to have dominion over His creation. Part of that mandate means we should work to have the best possible grasp of the subject matter. Because of this, we look for textbooks that do the best job of conveying the concepts to our students. Of course, if the textbook has an overt anti-Christian slant, we will choose not to use it. We do not always use textbooks that are put out by Christian publishers, however, because they do not always an adequate job of presenting the materials.
      A dangerous presupposition, which would insist that we use only textbooks from a Christian publishing company, is that we only teach the textbook. Our teachers supplement the textbooks with questions such as "What would a Christian think of this statement?", "How does the theme of this story compare with the theme of Romans 12:3-8?", "How do we see God's redemptive plan for the world in this world situation?", etc. At some point, all of us are confronted with secular thought. Isn't it wise to give students the "glasses" they need to discern what is right and what is wrong, what is of Christ and what is of the world? Our teachers are committed Christians who love our students and who are passionate about seeing Christ in every "jot and tittle of life." Part of their job is to help these covenant children to develop discernment.
      Our view of the world is that it is still God's world. We are called to be in the world, influencing it for Christ. We are not called to be completely separate. As stated before, we do screen the books we use, we look for those texts that teach the subject matter with sound pedagogy, that challenge the students, and that stimulate and motivate them.
Q   What sports programs are offered?
A    Athletic programs form an important part of the extra-curricular activities at Manhattan Christian. Our athletic program is well recognized in the region and throughout Montana.   At the middle school and high school level we offer: cross country, girls' volleyball, girls' and boys' basketball, golf, track, and a co-op football program with Manhattan Public School. 
  How do Manhattan Christian students perform on national standardized tests?
A    Manhattan Christian School students' standardized test scores compare very favorably with local schools and are much higher than national averages. 
  Do you offer Advanced Placement courses?
A    We offer AP courses in English Literature, English Language & Composition, and Calculus (AP syllabus).
Q  Do you have programs for special needs children?
A    We have an excellent resource room teacher who helps with academic reading and learning problems.  The program is available for students at all grade levels; however, there are limitations to what can be provided for special needs children.                 
Q   What percent of your graduates go on to college? What colleges do they attend?
A   Approximately 75% of our students go on to college. Among the colleges attended are faith-based institutions such as Calvin College, Dordt College, Trinity Christian College, Wheaton College and Seattle Pacific University, as well as secular colleges such as Montana State University, University of Montana, University of Colorado, and many more. One MCS graduate attended Wheaton College, received a full-ride scholarship to the Mayo Clinic Medical School in Rochester, Minnesota, and is now on staff there.
Q   Is Manhattan Christian accredited?
A    Manhattan Christian School is accredited with the Office of Public Instruction for the State of Montana. All of our teachers and administrators are state certified in their subject areas or disciplines.
Q   When must we apply for admission?
A   We encourage you to begin the application process as soon as you have an interest. We accept applications during the summer, but we prefer to receive them during the late spring. 
  What church is the school affiliated with?
A    MCS is a parent-run school. There is no church governance. MCS accepts students from any church whose beliefs are parallel with the Statement of Beliefs in our educational philosophy. The makeup of the MCS Board of Directors is affected by church membership. Of the nine members of the Board, seven of them must be members of one of four Christian Reformed Churches.