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Fundraising at MCS

Friends of MCS (Friends) is the booster fundraising branch of Manhattan Christian. Each year, Friends is asked to raise funds for the school in order to help bridge the gap between tuition receipts and actual operating costs. Loosely, anyone who helps in any way toward these fundraising goals is part of Friends of MCS.

For both the past school year and the current school year, Friends is asked to raise a total of $210,000 per year. This amount is broken down into three broad categories:  General Fund:$130,000   Tuition Assistance:$ 20,000   Athletics:$ 60,000

Fundraising is accomplished through the following current list of activities.

The “Athletics” amount of the total is largely covered by athletic activities such as the 3 on 3 tournament, concessions, and the athletic portion of the Booster plaque program. The remaining fundraisers make up the support for the General Fund and Tuition assistance.

Parents with students enrolled at MCS are asked to contribute time toward the fundraising efforts. Each family is asked to sign up for jobs at the various fundraising events. Each job has been assigned a “point” value  called Family Service Opportunities (FSO) and families are asked to sign up for five FSO points. ANYONE can sign up to work and ANY  family or individual can sign up for more than five points!  Please call Yvonne Kimm with questions concerning your FSO hours:  (406) 282-7683    Sign-up sheets are posted below.