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Middle & High School

We are delighted that you are investigating what MCS has to offer at the middle and high school levels!  Our school provides a sound academic education in which all teachers imbue what they teach with the Lordship of Christ.  We believe that every square inch of creation is under His sovereignty.  Knowing that all of what we study is His gives us the freedom to investigate, study, and learn what we meet as “whole” people—teachers and students.  We are able to consider all aspects of learning because we recognize not only the physical and academic, but the spiritual as well.
MCS Middle School is comprised of grades six through eight.  The Middle School has three core teachers who instruct math, science, history, language arts, and Bible.  Additional teachers instruct music (band and choir), art, computer skills, Spanish, and physical education/health.   The middle school teachers also guide students on in-the-field instruction with field trips, an outdoor education day (downhill or cross country skiing), Career Awareness (outside speakers sharing their careers), and a culminating 8th grade outdoor experience in Yellowstone as well as  an 8th grade project.
MCS High School prepares students for life after high school.  Curriculum includes all courses required by the State of Montana for graduation in addition to courses required by the school in Bible, speech, and a Senior Project.  Electives are available in upper level science and math, computer/technology, art, practical arts, Spanish, music (choral and instrumental), and social studies.  Honors classes in English and Calculus give students opportunity to earn college credit on AP tests.  Extracurricular activities include theater, pep band, and seasonal athletics.
MCS has a counselor who works with both MS and HS students for vocational preparation as well as personal assistance. The school has a library and computer lab to assist student in research and reading.  Both teachers and student leaders prepare and execute chapels that are enfolded into the greater goal of challenging all to be in a walking relationship with Jesus Christ. Small class size allows teachers to develop personal relationships with all students and enables them to come alongside each in their process of learning.
As you search our website, you will find more information that will answer questions you may have about our school.  If you have any more questions after exploring our website, or if you would like to take a tour of Manhattan Christian, please contact us! We would love to meet you!

Mrs. Helen Emmelkamp, Middle and High School Principal

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