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2023 Board Nominees 

If you can't join us in person, please consider printing out an absentee ballot found here, and reading the included instructions on how to submit. Thank you! You can also preview the Association Booklet here

Name: Kurt Dykema

Spouse: Bridget Dykema

Children: Christopher, Nicholas, Benjamin

Educational Background (high school, college, degree):  MCS thru 7th grade, graduated from Homeschool in 1997, attended MSU Northern and completed a B.S in diesel technology, and also one in ag mechanics technology.

Job Position: Self-Employed Farmer/Racncher

Church Membership (location, years): Bethel CRC, attended 10, member for 7

Church Involvement (service, etc.): I have served as a deacon and also been a cadet counselor for the last 5 years.

MCS Involvement: Attend many sporting events, musical programs, and fundraisers, along with helping in concessions and at fundraising events.

Perspective on Christian Education and MCS:  I believe that no program is flawless and without room for improvement, however I feel that MCS strives to offer a solid Biblically  based Christian Education and makes necessary improvements as they come up. The board and the staff have largely been available and approachable when things of concern arise. I believe that offering our kids a good biblical education helps to instill in them the values we are also teaching at home. And it helps to give them the resources they need when they hit the stumbling blocks of life. 


Name: Brett Heidema

Spouse: Kendra Heidema 

Children: Kinsley (1st), Allie (1st), Tracen

Educational Background (high school, college, degree): Graduated from MCS in 2006. I attended Dordt College and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Agri-Business

Job Position: Farmer - partner at Kimm Brothers Farming, Triple C Commodities

Church Membership (Location, Years): Manhattan Christian Reformed Church - Lifetime member

Church Involvement: Deacon 2012-2015, Elder 2019-2022 Executive Committee Clerk, Finance Committee

MCS Involvement: Cattle Committee Co-Supervisor, Boys JV Basketball coach 2014-15 and 2015-16

Perspective on Christian Education and MCS: I believe that raising our children to learn about Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is one of the most important roles as a parent. It is a huge blessing to have a Christian school in the community. I believe we have an opportunity to teach our children at home, church, and school about their salvation and how to live out their faith in every aspect of their lives. I think that it is very important that MCS remains rooted in Biblical teaching and challenges our children to grow in their faith and also challenges them to develop their fullest God-given potential. I would be grateful for the opportunity to help lead the school.


Name:  Darin Hoekema

Spouse:  Stephanie

Children: Kyanna, Isaac

Educational Background (high school, college, degree): 1994 MCS, 2000 MSU Bachelor of Environmental Design, Master of Architecture

Job Position: Partner and project Architect, Locati Architects

Church Membership (location, years): Bethel CRC, lifetime

Church Involvement (service, etc.): Active Member, Adult Sunday school leader, Past leadership in Cadets, Deacon, Elder, Christian Education Committee, and various other committees.

MCS Involvement: Current School Board trustee.  Multiple terms MCSF trustee.  

Perspective on Christian Education and MCS: Having seen both sides of Education (private and public), I value the emphasis that our world and everything in it belong to God, as broken as it may be or seem.  Education can only be strengthened when practiced in the proper understanding of God’s redemptive plan for all creation, and students are empowered to live in His service with a perspective that gives them an upper hand.  God Created everything, sustains everything, and created us to learn, create, and live in relationship with Him and each other.  I believe the Home, School, and Church function best when all three have the same foundation and provide a balance of accountability and grace based on that foundation.


Name: Kendal Walhof 

Spouse: Jeanette Walhof

Children: Devan (sophomore, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA), Natalie (freshman, Colorado Christian University, Denver, CO), Bryce (7th grade, Manhattan Christian)

Educational Background (high school, college, degree): Manhattan Christian School, graduated in 1991; Dordt University, graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor's degree; Montana State University, graduated in 1997 with a Master's degree

Job Position: General Manager/Co-owner -  Churchill Equipment Company

Church Membership (location, years): Bethel CRC, 49 Years

Church Involvement (service, etc.): Current involvement - instrumental music and adult Bible study.  Past involvement -served two terms as elder and one term as deacon,  helped run sound system, head of pastoral search committee, member of worship committee, Cadet counselor. 

MCS Involvement: Involved in coaching basketball at various levels (from Little Eagles to JV boys basketball). Past member of Strategic Planning Committee.  Past chairman of Friends Committee.  Head of 3 on 3 basketball tournament fundraiser.

Perspective on Christian Education and MCS: Christian education has always been very important to me. Teaching and training our children to love and follow Christ is paramount.  If our children continue to receive proper Biblical training at MCS, in the Christian home, and in church, accept the gift of God’s grace in their lives, and seek out God’s will for their lives through the working of the Holy Spirit then they  will be fully equipped to serve God in his kingdom.   A Bible believing church, home, and school working together to train our children in the way of the Lord inspires students to live God-glorifying lives wherever He leads them.  


Name: Jason Kimm

Spouse: Yvonne Kimm

Children: Willem (18), Benjamin (17), Eliza (15), Joshua (12), Sarina (11)

Educational Background (high school, college, degree): Graduate Manhattan Christian School;  Degree in Agriculture Business from Dordt College.

Job Position: Owner/Operator Kimm Seed Potatoes; Owner Kimm TEA

Church Membership (location, years): Bethel Christian Reformed Church Member and life long parishioner

Church Involvement (service, etc.): Current:  Middle School Sunday School Teacher;  Past: High School Youth Leader for 7 years, Elder for 3 years

MCS Involvement: Finance committee (2010-2017), Board Member 2013-2016 (2 years chair)

Perspective on Christian Education and MCS: Thankful.  That is the current summary of my perspective on Manhattan Christian.  In the baptism of each of our children God reminds us of his covenant promise to be a God to us and to our descendants after us.  Consequent to His promise, the congregation responds affirmatively to the question: ‘People of God, do you promise to receive these children in love, pray for them, help instruct them in the faith, and encourage and sustain them in the fellowship of believers?’  This school is and has always been an outworking of that promise.  Thanks be to God!  And now, as staff, volunteers, parents, supporters, prayer warriors, financial benefactors, leaders, however God calls each of us to serve, we continue to work to fulfill that promise to God and to these children.


Name: Ben Holst

Spouse: Kim Holst

Children:  Isaiah (senior), Dominic (sophomore), and Lincoln (8th grader)

Educational Background (high school, college, degree): I grew up in Yankton, SD and graduated from Yankton High School in 1995. I attended North Dakota State from 1995 to 2000, graduating with a Bachelors of Business Administration. From 2008 to 2011 I attended Iowa State University, graduating with a Masters of Architecture in May of 2011.

Job Position: My current position is Director of Property Management for Lone Mountain Land Company in Big Sky. I lead a team of nine that is responsible for the operation of all LMLC long-term rental properties. After a career in the construction industry, I have been with LMLC for the last eight years.

Church Membership (location, years): We have attended Bethel CRC since November of 2021. We became members at Bethel at the end of 2022. For the five years we lived in Big Sky, we attended Big Sky Christian Fellowship. 

Church Involvement (service, etc.): Over the years I have been actively involved in church leadership boards, most recently at BSCF. I’ve also regularly taught Sunday School, led small groups, and served as youth pastor for two years at our first church after college.

MCS Involvement: Fall 2022 I helped launch the MCS middle school football program, and am currently launching the MCS varsity football program with Travis Hamilton.

Perspective on Christian Education and MCS: All education should be rooted in truth as a foundation of knowledge. In a world that is increasingly disconnected from truth, committed to relativity, Christian education has never been more important. We must ground the next generation in truth as an absolute, starting with the Word of God.

Beyond that, education should support the primary learning center, the home. In return homes should support the work done in schools. It is a symbiotic relationship where children are most effectively educated and formed. Christians have a unique opportunity and call to engage with Christian schools to bring up the next generation in truth.

Over the course of Isaiah’s 12 years in school, we have had the privilege to participate with four Christian schools. While all have been strong in their own ways, we consider our family extremely blessed to be at MCS now. MCS does Christian education as well as any of the three previous Christian schools we’ve encountered. Founded in God’s word and connected with families, MCS is a shining example of how Christian education can be done.