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ELC Tuition

 Fees are based on booked days, not attendance. Refunds and credits will not be given for days when your child does not attend.
Infant (Birth to 23 months):
5 Days             $783.00/month                
4 Days             $655.00/month                    
3 Days             $522.00/month                    
2 Days             $392.00/month 
24-Months—10 Years of Age
5 Days             $753.00/month                        
4 Days             $620.00/month            
3 Days             $482.00/month                    
2 Days             $350.00/month                         
After School Rate:
$10 per child per day (all ages)

Drop-In Rate:
Full day: $40

*Multiple child discount available on full time only (4+ days)