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Middle School Football

2022 Middle School Football 6-Man Season

We are eager to announce that a 6-man football program is being put together for this upcoming 2022 fall sports season. The School Board has decided to pursue this undertaking for the following reasons:

  • MHSA renewed our co-op with Manhattan for only 1 year (2022), normally a 3-year renewal.
  • Due to increased enrollment at both schools, this co-op is expected to end after this season.
  • Starting a Jr. High program would help prepare for establishing an 8-man High School Program the following season (2023) when we will no longer be able to co-op with Manhattan.

Furthermore, we believe that a football program will provide students with another opportunity to perpetuate the MCS mission statement as it pertains to athletics: to live God-glorifying lives by exemplifying humility in victory or defeat, developing Christ-like love for teammates and opponents, and inspiring people to serve others with their own talents.

This process is still in the initial stages, but we would like to reach out to the MCS community to begin gathering interest and support. Time is of the essence, and we will be working diligently over the next couple of weeks to get in touch with parents, players, coaches, and anyone else who feels led to support such a program. There are many opportunities to contribute to the successful startup of this program. We currently have the tasks of coaching, field preparation, and fundraising to fulfill immediately. Prayer for this process and for all those involved in this new endeavor at MCS is encouraged as well.

Click the link to the left if you are interested in reading about or helping with our fundraising goals. 


2021 Middle School Football 

Lincoln Holst, Zach Venema, Jack Zabel, Tate Hamilton, Daniel Self, Nathaniel Stewart