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May 14

Sing a New Song-  May 14

 With our song about done, it is time to look at how we can sing our final chorus loud and strong.  Looking toward this week, we will be ending formal instruction on Friday, May 22 and utilizing the next two weeks to complete assignments, meet with students who may need assistance, and commit to end the school year as strong as possible.  We are also planning for pick up of student owned materials and personal items as well as drop off school-owned books and computers.  We are targeting June 4 for this.  More details will be available next week.

 Along with wrapping up the school year, we continue to build plans for next year.  This morning I had brief discussions with Mrs. Brenda Flikkema regarding plans for food services and with Mr. Gene Bennett regarding janitorial services needed to reopen next school year.  Mrs. Lorna Wyatt and Mrs. Burley have worked very hard with their staff to get the Early Learning Center (ELC) open within prescribed guidelines to assist those parents heading back to work this week.  It will be interesting to see what they have to teach us about what will be needed.  It is going to be a very busy summer trying to think about everything that needs to happen for the successful reopening of school in the fall.  Please continue to be in prayer for wisdom as the School Board and others develop plans.

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