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Secondary Music Teacher

Manhattan Christian School Secondary Music Teacher

Click here to download the job description, or read it below. 

1. General Job Description – Assist the Leadership and Board of Manhattan Christian School in the effective education of children in Music at Manhattan Christian School.  Provide inspirational and effective leadership for the Music Program at MCS. 

2. General Qualifications

  1. Be committed to Christian Education in general (as defined, for example, in the MCS Statements of Faith and Purpose) and to Manhattan Christian School in particular.
  2. Lead an exemplary Christian life, both in private and public settings.
  3. Be an active member in a church that would support the doctrinal standards of Manhattan Christian School.

3. Education and Experience:

  1. Have a college degree in Music or Music Education.
  2. Possess or willing to obtain Montana State teacher certification for Music.
  3. Preference will be given to candidates with classroom teaching experience.
  4. Consideration will be given to a candidate willing to pursue course work necessary to secure state of Montana credentials for Music

4. Duties:

  1. Lead vocal instruction in grades 6-12 and instrumental instructions in grades 5-12.
  2. Develop a vision for the vocal and instrumental areas to inspire students to use music in responsive obedience to God; to glorify God and inspire others through musical expression.
  3. Program multiple concerts annually for secondary students.
    1. Concerts generally in October, December, and May.
    2. Provide leadership for students participating in district, and state festivals. 
    3. Help qualified students audition for all-state ensembles
    4. With the cooperation of the MCS community, organize the opportunity for students to perform locally (churches and community events), regionally (exchange concerts), and potentially out of state (educational and service tours).
  4. Provide students with the opportunity to unwrap their musical gifts utilizing a variety of music genres and groupings of instruments and voices.

5. Compensation

  1. Wages commensurate with experience as indicated on the MCS pay scale and based on assigned FTE. This is a 1 FTE position.  There is an additional stipend for Pep Band that plays at home matches and various tournaments during volleyball and basketball seasons.
  2. Medical and Dental coverage available according to MCS teacher policy. For benefits this position is treated as a Professional Educators Contract position.
  3. Paid Medical leave and personal days will be prorated according to Professional Educators Contract policy.