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Manhattan Christian School K-12 Spanish Teacher

Manhattan Christian School is currently seeking candidates to complete the 2023-2024 school year and potentially continue on as the Full-Time Spanish Teacher.  The current position consists of teaching Kindergarten through 5th grade students once a week, 6th through 8th grades twice a week, and HS Spanish 1 & 2 three periods per week.

1. General Job Description:

  • Partner with the Administration and Board of Manhattan Christian School to “Inspire students to live God-glorifying lives by teaching Christ’s Lordship in faith, learning, and living.”  

2. General Qualifications:

  • Be committed to Christian Education in general (as defined, for example, in the MCS Statements of Faith and Purpose) and to Manhattan Christian School in particular.
  • Lead an exemplary Christian life, both in private and public settings.
  • Be an active member in a church that would support the Manhattan Christian School statement of faith.

3.  Education and Experience:

  • Have a college degree in Spanish Education or related field.
  • Possess or willing to obtain Montana State teacher certification.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with classroom teaching experience.
  • Consideration will be given to a candidate willing to pursue course work necessary to secure state of Montana credentials.

4.  Knowledge and Skills in Curriculum and Teaching

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the curriculum for which s/he is responsible.
  • Demonstrates ability to connect knowledge, skills and attitudes within and among disciplines for which s/he is responsible to teach. 
  • Demonstrates ability and desire to connect Reformed Christian principles with the curriculum and classroom community.
  • Communicates effectively orally and in writing.
  • Translates curricular essential knowledge, questions and goals into meaningful and clearly-articulated lessons and experiences for all kinds of learners.
  • Demonstrates the ability to model questions and higher order thinking.
  • Gives clear and organized explanations.
  • Chooses appropriate resources to enhance learning for students. 
  • Chooses authentic assessments for students.
  • Prepares lessons appropriate to the age and skill of students and time allotted for instruction. 
  • Organizes instruction to maximize student learning.
  • Demonstrates ability to redirect questions and activities in response to student misunderstandings.
  • Devotes time to reflection, evaluation of self and practice, and carrying out improvement plans for self and the school.

5.  Compensation

  • Wages commensurate with experience as indicated on the MCS pay scale and based on assigned FTE. This is a 1 FTE position. 
  • Medical and Dental coverage available according to MCS teacher policy. For benefits this position is treated as a Professional Educators Contract position.
  • Paid Medical leave and personal days will be prorated according to Professional Educators Contract policy.