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History of Manhattan Christian School

Manhattan Christian School began operations in 1907. The school was established out of the covenantal commitment held by a group of Dutch Christian Reformed believers in Churchill, Montana. The school began as a basic two room school that was built immediately adjacent to Manhattan Christian Reformed Church. During the 1950’s a large addition was built as enrollment continued to grow. In the 1960’s the gymnasium and more classrooms were added. Our school's peak enrollment reached 456 students in the 60’s. In the 70’s and 80’s enrollments fluctuated and no more expansions were approved. In 1997 the east educational wing was added and in 2006 the Memorial Events Center was added to the campus. From the school's inception there has been an emphasis of preparing students to live God glorifying lives coupled with an emphasis of high academic expectations. Over the years our extracurricular program has grown and developed into programs of excellence. While in the early years MCS was primarily made up of children from the Dutch community the school currently has expanded its reach to include children from 35 or more Christian churches. At the current time approximately 30% of the students come from our local Christian Reformed Churches and 70% come from the expanded community.

To God be the Glory for what he has done and continues to do in the lives of the children of our community.