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Manhattan Christian is a private school that exists in the heart of the Gallatin Valley.  Located in Churchill and only a few miles from Bozeman, Belgrade, and Manhattan, the eighteen acres of the school’s property are surrounded by beautiful mountains and bountiful farmland.  God uses this incredible setting to establish an ecosystem of students, teachers, parents, churches, and community dedicated to the support of lifelong learning. The more we understand of creation, the more we learn about the Creator and humankind’s response to the gift He has given us.  As Abraham Kuypers reminds us:

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”


Curriculum:  Defined as a dynamic plan for instruction, the school’s curriculum reflects the richness of the creation.  A team of gifted Christian professionals work together so that students in Preschool to Grade 12 can meaningfully interact with creation through the natural sciences, the arts, the social sciences, physical activities, and Bible classes.  Textbooks and technology are used as resources to help implement the curriculum. Standardized testing such at the ACT, SAT, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, and more help our teachers reflect on the effectiveness of our plan and to help shape changes.  We also seek the advice of alumni as they advance to colleges, the workforce, the military, and technical schools. All of this comes together as we focus on our student learners and our goal to help unwrap the gifts and talents that God has given to them for the exploration of His creation.

Practicing our Responsiveness:  The Christian life is one of response.  We need to practice this response just as much as we practice our math, reading, writing, music, and more.  Students have the opportunity to test their responses through athletics, performances, service projects, and senior presentations.  As a State accredited school, Manhattan Christian offers an extensive interscholastic sports in grades 6 - 12 competing against both private and state funded schools.  The musical groups perform locally as well participate in State Music Festivals.

The Senior Project is the culminating event of each senior’s educational experience at MCS. The purpose of this year-long project is to demonstrate the knowledge gained and maturity achieved during a student’s high school career. Each senior will have the opportunity to choose a personal area of study and then use their talents, skills, and creativity in order to demonstrate their ability to plan, think, and write with insight and discernment, speak in public, meet deadlines, and work with others– all within a Christian worldview.