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2023 Track 

2023 track officially begins Monday, March 20 under head coach, Laura Arthun. Any players who have not yet participated in a sport should make sure all necessary paperwork has been completed and uploaded to DragonFly prior to the first day of practice (see forms left). Any questions should be directed to coach Arthun at

View the 2023 Meet Schedule here.

2022 Track 

(BR) Coach Germin, Coach Kamps, Willem Kimm, Seth Amunrud, Benjamin Kimm, Isaiah Holst, Elton Luther, Landon Scott, Jack Scott, Ryann Schott, Carson Heidema, Shane Skovly, Oren Arthun, Shaphan Hubner, Christian Triemstra, Wylie Donaldson, Rance Hamilton, Coach Rudd, Coach Dyksterhouse (FR) Dominic Holst, Jadyn VanDyken, Alexis De Vries, Clara Braaksma, Sierra Flikkema, Bella Triemstra, Ciara Stewart, Kaitlyn Scott, Tori Venema, Livia Appleby, Nathan Adams, Inger Peterson, Samson Boyd, Coach Arthun