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Our middle school has many opportunities to explore God's creation outside the walls of our classrooms.  We believe that these experiences deepen our students' understanding of God's world and how his story interacts with the stories of people around us, past and present.

One happens in sixth grade, and the other in eighth grade.  The sixth grade embarks on a day-long spiritual retreat in the spring.  On this trip, the students work on hands-on activities, as well as deepening their fellowship with each other.  Our eighth graders attend Expedition Yellowstone (EY), a weekend learning experience in winter that gives our students special access to Yellowstone and all it offers.  From showshoe explorations and thermal feature analysis, to times of group devotions and wildlife observation, this is a great trip. This trip usually happens in early February.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grades go on a series of six field trips together during the three years of middle school.  The field trips are taken in the fall and the spring. They include two trips to different parts of Yellowstone Park, the Lewis and Clark Caverns, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, Bannack State Park, and a trip to Big Hole National Battlefield.