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Teaching for Transformation 


See the Story, Live the Story 

Manhattan Christian's curriculum is driven by a Deep Hope that we would be a place for students to "discover their place in God's epic love story for this world. A TFT school pursues a Christian education that invites the people of God's story into real work that forms self and shapes the world."  Our teachers are continuously evolving in their work with TFT; read more below or visit the TFT website here.


Habits of Learning

Through TFT, teachers and students are encouraged to practice the following Habits of Learning: 


The following ten throughlines are a focus for teachers to invite, nurture, and empower our students be a part of God's story: 

  • God Worshipping
  • Idolatry Discerning
  • Creation Enjoying
  • Beauty Creating
  • Order Discovering 
  • Justice Seeking
  • Servant Working
  • Earth Keeping
  • Community Building 
  • Image Reflecting 


Deep Hopes

Each teacher has chosen, developed, and committed to use a Deep Hope to drive their instruction. This reflects the  "North Star" that guides our teaching within a Christian School. 



The storylines created by MCS teachers display artifacts and evidence of students connecting their learning back to their teachers' Deep Hopes and God's story of renewal and redemption. These can be seen inside the classrooms and throughout the hallways and are often updated by units or lessons.  



The Formational Learning Experiences (FLEx) are opportunities for students to put into practice what it means to "live the story." These experiences, planned by teachers and often cross-collaborated among grades and subjects, are a chance for students to meet the needs of people around them.