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2022-2023 Family Tuition Rate K-12

The average cost of educating a student in elementary and high school at MCS is $9,950. 

Grants available to apply to your tuition cost include:

· High School and Middle School community support grant of $1800
· 5-Day Kindergarten and grades 1-5 community support grant of $2300
· 3-Day Kindergarten community support grant of $1400

With the grants being applied, current tuition rates are:

· Three-Day Kindergarten: $4,800
· Five-Day Kindergarten: $7,750
· Elementary (grades 1-5): $8,250
· Middle School and High School: $8,750

Tuition includes books and bus service.
Payments may be made in full (3% discount if payment is received on or before August 31), or in three, nine, or twelve equal payments.

Multiple child discounts apply:
· Third child registered: 50% of tuition
· Fourth child: 25% of tuition
· Fifth child or more: Free

A $300 deposit must accompany each registration that is submitted and is deducted from your total bill. Tuition from the previous school year must be paid in full before the first day of school of the new school year.

2022-2023 PRE-SCHOOL
MCS and its Early Learning Center serve children, birth through six years old, with early learning experiences and Kindergarten enrichment. PS and ELC programs have both half and whole, morning and afternoon, schedules. For more information, Contact Gloria Veltkamp,, or the ELC director, Following are rates per child:

MCS Preschool Program*:
$195.00 per month, two half-days per week
$265.00 per month, three half-days per week